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Personal HomePage for Bogdan

Hi ! I'm here for you

About me .Who I am... I'm not an angel, I'm a romantic little devil, vegetarian,I don' drink, don't smoke, 183cm, 81Kg,dark hair, brown eyes, I have some muscles enough to can move my self.I don't have wings but I have a tail and I will tickle you with my "little" tail and your surely smile...:) I like to have a healthy life, and for that I need you. I think I have sense of humor. I would like to find you , sincere I'm so alone and this life is ugly if you are not with me or me with you to make some bad things on Terra..:) I'm looking for a long, long serious relationship. I'm looking for a bad girl, a devil girl who can make me happy. You must like to fight with me. I'm bad, really bad, I can make you cry but I can make you smile too. So come and play with me, but please, don't leave me couse I will cut you . I'm not kidding...:)) I don't care from where you are, what is your race, your age must be 18-35y.o. , and you must be sweet, because I will eat you alive. Ok...I prefer a woman, a really, bad, sensual woman with big eyes, a vampire woman, with long red nails, red big sensual lips, big canines..:)), min 158cm-max 178cm high, not fat, not lean, not ugly like me but ugly like Elizabeth Hurley..:)) Just kidding..:)) Ps. I need a devil girl not an angel girl. A devil girl who can be angel ..:)) A dark one, like me..:)) Kiss you !

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