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Progression Through Unlearning

I kicked the red meat habit my freshmen year of high school for health and weight issues. I kicked chicken, fish, and turkey to the curb my freshmen year of college for the animals. There were points in my life where I was vegan for long periods of time (my how a horrible job, too much stress, and a misunderstanding family can make one doubt their eggless, dairy-free ways). Now is the time for me to make my final transition into a completely raw food lifestyle. It's only logical to me!

I've dabbled in raw foods here and there. Besides just knowing how beneficial this type of lifestyle is, I've seen the immediate positive changes that raw has made in me. My face cleared up in 2-3 days. My hips appeared to have melted right off my body in about a weeks time(I work out, too, but results were never that quick to see). I was wide awake and in a good mood leaving work at the end of the day. Never before had anything had that effect on me.

Besides trying to eat the most healthful diet I can, I am straight edge(no alcohol or drug use). I enjoy yoga, pilates, and NYC ballet. I try to lift weights, kickbox, or go for a walk at least three times a week.

My other hobbies include arts and crafts, being an awesome non-cook, and pampering my already spoiled rotten kitties, Kiya and Chloe. I enjoy music (anything from Earth Crisis to Enya to 80s), trivia games, stand-up and sketch comedy.

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