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When I first began exploring the raw food lifestyle years ago, living- was one of the websites that helped me through the learning curve. I then delved into every book and magazine and website I could find on the subject and jumped into a 100% raw food diet with both feet! Amazingly, I found myself feeling better and better as the weight just melted off my body and every previous physical symptom I had cleared up! Eating 100% raw foods became second nature to me, once I knew what I was doing, and I enjoy the vibrant health I now have because of it.

As an extra bonus, I met my raw food husband through this website! Yep! We are one of the great romantic success stories to come from the personals section of living- His was the only personal I wrote to, and my response to his ad was the only response he received! Obviously, we were meant only for each other! We met in person at a Salad restaurant, became raw food buddies, and within a few short weeks, we knew this was destiny. We were married just over a year later, and have to date been married close to 9 years now! Raw Foods Keeps Us Together!

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