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New mom's get more energy, lose weight & live to your highest potential

I recently had my first child, A delightful energetic Baby Girl, Name is Suna May. Sun-a is a Korean word meaning The essence of Zen, Zen itself. Given by my beloved teacher Zen Master Pohwa Sunim.

I felt really strongly about being the best example of Health & wellness in all directions Mind, Body, & Spirit for Suna. Living to our highest potential is the best gift we can give our children. Living to my highest potential lead me to start researching the raw foods movement.

I found a company that offered a 13 day raw food program for wholesale prices and decided to test it out. By day 4 I had lost 6 pounds and my energy went through the roof. By day 13 I knew I never wanted to eat any other way again. When your body goes through changes your mind and heart will follow.

Being a new mom I really appreciate this new level of energy and life experience. I recently became a distributor of Raw food products with that company I found and am sharing the message with other new moms, friends & family.

Isn't this way of eating just common sense? It is so much easier to go raw than most people think. I am determined to support this postive way of life so my daughter will be raised with this as her "norm".

Congratulations to all embarking on this Journey!

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