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Healthiness is Happiness!

I'm Indigo, a 23 year old Mommy of three. :) I have a 5 year old daughter, a 22 month old son and a baby due right around Thanksgiving. :) I have been married for almost 4 years to a wonderful man named Jamal. We reside in Chico; gorgeous Northern California, and we hope to be moving to Oregon to live in the forest as soon as we find a way to realize this dream. :)

It was not until I became pregnant this time that I truly started being serious about Living Foods. A family friend has done this for ages and he's very healthy and active (at 40-something), but I never really had the incentive. Now, for the first time in all of my pregnancies, it's not that *some* foods don't look good... ALL COOKED FOODS look HORRIBLE!!! I lost 6 lbs. the first 4 weeks of my pregnancy (I am 5 weeks along now and doing much better). The weight lost was due to my not being able to eat (I wasn't actually sick once). After finding myself craving fruits and fresh veggies I decided once more to try this out. Raw foods provided immediate help with naseua. :) Baby is healthier, Mommy is healthier, and as my children (and husband) adjust to eating Raw we will all be healthier and feel better.

I have been vegetarian however this is a new and wonderful experience for me. Everything tastes so much better! My doctor says it should help with my fibromyalgia and my immune system should go up. I will add more here the more I improve. :) Right now, though, I can eat again (and everything tastes so GOOD)!! Woo hoo! :)

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