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Personal HomePage for Ahimsa Fruitarian

Australian man 50 yo seeks frugivory enthusiast partner/ followers

Fruit biodiversity is the missing wealth that prevent poverty by having a global fruit forest /agroforlestry priority that includes all fruits that contain a fantastic array of quality nutrients. There could be grown organic large-scale forests of fruit trees that overall would provide a huge supply of the nutrients the world needs for basic food and health and provide amazing habitats for mental health too. Can I be wrong? see my "" link below - goes to my main home page - then scroll to bottom of that page to see important links to scientific data on scope of biodiversity. Use the links to enter the big picture of opportunity...- the best plan to stop poverty and prevent ill-health longterm.... (CHECK THE LINKS FOR CREDIBILITY - USE LOGIC - think: IF THERE IS HIDDEN OPPORTUNITY - THEN AN OPTIMIST IS LESS A FOOL THAN A PESSIMIST)...... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ -increase the value of the planet Earth by trillions $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I want to impress people the best way to feed the population of Earth would be to grow and harvest ripe raw fruit 'biodiversity' nutrients with no need to waste energy to cook food. If some sugar needs to be extracted from raw fruit puree then such excess sugar would form part of a raw food/clean-fuel global system for the whole world - and it is unique by having the answer to how humans could use all land totally ecologically! EVERYONE HAS OVERLOOKED THE FACT THAT TOTAL FOOD NUTRIENTS FROM A PLANTATION OF 1000 acres FRUIT TREES OVER ONE YEAR EQUALS MANY tons of protein with raw AMINO ACIDS - therefore if you ignore the superficial fact that most fruits have too much sugar to be used 'as is' as a supply of amino acids, then you can actually target global production goal for amino acids by growing many fruit trees according to their ecology and to suit different climates, such as dates and mangos which would grow over huge areas of the Earth landmass and produce tons of amino acids for humans providing you can separate the excess sugar from the ripe fruits. I need friends who want to discuss the idea of educating the world on how to make a food system based on de-sugared fruits assuming it is possible to filter out excess sugar from sugary fruits such as dates and then leave a concentrate of amino acids, but options should be explored which in theory would promote maximun biodiversity should take priority. If you can be a partner for me,I have a phone number in Australia - call me anytime - (International) 61 7 4774 0993

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