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Energetic Raw Fooder

I like to see myself as a thinking person but with a sense of humor. I don't take myself (or anyone else) too seriously, unless they're trying to rob me or something. A preacher or politician, someone like that. On the other hand, I am pretty morally serious when I can't avoid it. Such as concerning the vulnerable: children, the elderly, animals, the ill-educated, etc. Or on universal horrors like war, terrorism or televangelists. I don't watch TV and think movies claim way too much of the national leisure, although I can be persuaded to see one now and again. I usually prefer active entertainment to all this passive audio-visual stuff. Some of my favorites: reading out loud with a friend, walking, running, cycling, tennis, even talking. If there is one thing I'm irrational about it's my hatred of advertising. In other words, exaggeration. Good things need none -- sunlight, trees, water, fruit, ideas, love... Hope you agree... P.S. I've been 100% raw for almost 2 years!

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