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Personal HomePage for Jessica Guenter

The Urban Hippy Who Showers

In gr. 12 I dreamed of getting out to the mountains for a year trendy! So I did it, spent 4 months as a waitress in Canmore and got hooked on a life more in tune with nature. Things didn't work out in the offseason, so I moved back to Calgary. Working 6 days a week right now to save for life in Vic next year (planning on attending school on the island.) I'm so excited about spending summer by the ocean. Hopefully I'll get a chance to surf this summer, and walk the ocean for hours. I fill my days playing the piano, working out, and seeing my friends. I love to be creative and express myself artistically. I decided to try raw foodism about 3 years ago in gr. 10. I gave it about a 3 month go. After an unsuccessful bout of being "fully raw" (I now think I was unballanced) I decided to try 80% for the next few years. After meeting my ex-boyfriend Andrew (who is/was raw) I decided to give it another go. Now I've reached the 3 month mark again, and am excited to see it transforming my life a day @ a time...

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