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I am a 36 year old female living in Asheville, NC. I have been intrigued by the raw food diet for years, but only started seriously working toward the goal in Oct. 2008.

Over the last three years I've experienced depression, anxiety, chest pains, debilitating asthma, every day allergies. I have went to the emergency room, the doctor, Urgent Care - and have used an albuterol inhaler EVERY day (several, several times a day, every day) for the last three years. I have also used over-the-counter allergy medication on a daily basis for a long time, as well as ephedrine (Bronkaid) to help with my symptoms.

I'm an intelligent person who really believes that food can be medicine, or poison. I believe that my thoughts, my words, my actions, like putting something into my body, affects my health and daily experience. I've been organic for nearly a decade and have visited varying degrees of veganism, vegetarianism and pescatarianism. That being said, I have not been following any of these modes of eating for the last three years.

I'm here to learn about raw food, ask question, gain support, give support, share and make new friends!

Please check out my blog, Raw Respire, if you have a chance.

In Gratitude! Tena aka awealive

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