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Stephen in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii

Stephen Arlin, co-author of "Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet" About 4 years ago, I remember thinking, "If raw-food eating cures so-called 'incurable' illnesses and rejuvenates old, tired, and diseased bodies, what would happen if someone that was relatively healthy with no health problems at all adopted a raw-food diet?" Well, that thought led me and my two partners to the greatest discovery in the history of the world -- Paradise Health. My partners and I have formed an organization in San Diego, California U.S.A. called "Nature's First Law." We have written a raw-foods book and we are out there every day releasing a little bit more of this vital message to the world. It was the reading and self-education we did on health, diseases, and diet that led us to the raw-food diet. We focused only on success -- success stories, people who had cured themselves of disease, people who lived the longest and healthiest, people who had traveled and observed human beings all over the world. We did not focus on the standard medical dogma, because that has all been a failure. There is more disease, sickness, and misery now than ever before in human history. We started bouncing some ideas off of each other and we really got into some amazing things. It was tough at first because cooked food is addictive and getting over any addiction is tough -- but worth it! For every disciplined effort in life there is a multiple reward. Once I cleansed my body of the cooked-food residues, I no longer craved cooked food. What a liberating experience! I can sincerely tell you -- it is magical. When I went all-raw, I opened up the natural part of my consciousness that was being kept locked up in a dark dungeon all my life. I see the world much more clearly now. Every day is a great day. All my desires become realized instantly now. It may sound strange, but it is the truth. As soon as I realized that eating cooked food was unnatural and that it was the cause of all human health problems, I took massive raw-foods action. I just did my best each day to go without cooked food and I didn't worry about how much raw plant food I was eating. There is a saying: "Every amount of raw plant food is better than any amount of cooked food." I used to eat a lot of raw food back then, but that subsided as soon as I got over my cooked-food addiction. I stopped eating cooked food completely after about a year. I eat only raw plant foods because it is our natural diet -- and nothing unnatural can sustain itself for very long. The level of health I have attained is indescribable, incomprehensible, and unfathomable to people who haven't experienced 100% raw-foodism. It's the difference between night and day. It's the difference between an inner-city slum and a tropical paradise. I shed 51 unwanted, unhealthy pounds (238 to 187 -- I’m 6'2") and have since then gained back 20 pounds of healthy, solid muscle through a unique training routine that I developed and a 100% raw plant diet. This diet is easy, once you know the facts. No one could have the discipline to do this diet if there wasn't something going on biologically. Eating cooked food has nothing to do with the normal biological requirements of the cells. Any food put to flame becomes addictive. Once you break away from that you open yourself up to the most incredible discovery of all time. This message is really the most powerful personal development strategy put forth by anyone. Today's heresy is tomorrow's orthodoxy. We represent a force of resistance against enormous odds. We are at the forefront of a movement which proposes to reshape the world. Therefore, we serve the future and not just the passing hour. The greatest and most enduring successes in history are those which were least understood in the beginning, because they were in strong contrast to public opinion and the majority views and wishes of the time. Every great idea once began on the fringe. There is a lot of conflicting information in the world today, especially in the field of nutrition. However, there is one thing that is certain: every living organism on Planet Earth is designed to nourish themselves with raw nutrition, humans are certainly no exception. A raw-foodist is not something you become, it is something that you already are. Every single natural organism on the planet eats exclusively raw foods. No free-living creature ever tampers with its food. Some people consider this diet the next step past a vegetarian or vegan diet, but it really transcends all diets. It is simply the natural way to nourish your body. The Information Age, in many ways, has become overbearing and obsolete. Listening to and acting upon your own body's natural instincts, desires, and needs is the way to Paradise Health, not by listening to someone else's dietary dogma. Remember: Our bloodstreams are our most important rivers. Be sure to check out WWW.RAWFOOD.COM

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