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Living-Foods: Personals: ChakRaw Chef

Id Number006344
Date PostedAug 9, 2015
NameChakRaw Chef
LocationFresno, CA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 2in.
HairDark Ash Blonde
OccupationRaw Food Chef & Nutrition Educator
DescriptionHello! I've been eating vegetarian/veganish for 16+ years and have refined to a living foods/raw fusion of loving the body temple. As a raw foods chef and educator, my conversion recipes and meals are anything but cold and boring! Being a catalyst to aid others in re-empowering themselves when it comes to health, and to live what they know they know, is a strong motivation and passion of mine, but I don't advocate a 100% raw diet for everyone...creating an individual balance within a high plant-based diet is more important for sustainability, and all paths are honored. Adventurous, romantic, loyal & curious. Love to travel and BE in nature...the mode of getting "there" is just as much a part of the adventure for me as is reaching and enjoying the destination (canoe; helicopter; horseback, anyone?) Machu Picchu and other ancient civilization sites are on my list to experience. I like mysterious history. I feel just as exhilarated and comfortable in boots & jeans, backpacking into the high HILLS, as I am stepping out in high HEELS and lace at theaters and concert halls. Music is important to me...I enjoy classical symphony to Garbage (the group, not rap songs--wink), indi-rock to Enya, Bread to Matchbox 20. Just as handy with an electric miter saw, as a high speed blender in the kitchen. I may be sweet and petite, but also strong physically and intellectually. I thrive on brain storming creative paths or solutions, with others, then taking action to manifest. I have a nerd crush on Einstein and Nassim Haramein. Fascinated by the Holographic Universe and quantum gravity theory...I believe this a bridge to polar opposite limited thinking to realize we are all energy, and more grandly connected, than that which is perceived and judged as being separate. Creative & thoughtful in my professional and personal life, this quality is more so elevated in a romantic relationship. Relationships are a priority, catalysts for refining and evolving Self-- the ultimate soul/sole path and purpose for this human experience; everything else flows from that and is simply to aid in being more comfortable while in this human experience. I love my children beyond words; all have successfully fledged the nest, so I consider this stage of my life as "nexting", rather than "empty nesting", and excited to explore what's next with a special someone, who resonates at deeper levels and welcomes me into his world. I naturally and empathically "go deep" to connect with others on all levels, thus I'm very attuned and open in communicating and sharing feelings, thoughts, impressions, wants, dreams and desires, with an intimate partner. It is always a great honor when someone trusts and allows me into their inner world, and shares their soul with me--something I treasure. I may dance to a different beat, but desire a harmonious partner, not a back-up drummer! I'd just like to add... I adore my goofy white Boxer dog...we come as a "package deal"... dog hair and all ((grin))
HobbiesLaughing, exploring, hiking, reading, sacred geometry, quantum physics, energy work and medicine, recipe development, animal rescue, White Boxer Dogs, organic gardening...interested in learning more about permaculture, farmer's markets, studying and traveling to ancient civilization historical sites, dining at raw and vegetarian restaurants, my dog. To name a few (wink)
GoalsShort term- Travel to Machu Picchu in Peru ASAP term- Brick and mortar living foods cafe & juice bar (domain name already purchased! Yay!) Long-term- sustainable living off-grid
QuoteEverything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, it's physics. --Albert Einstein
Ideal MateMy guy is active and health oriented; eats a high plant-based diet (doesn't necessarily have to be a rawist.) One who strives to live a life with integrity and conscious awareness of the inter-connectedness self, others, the environment and Higher Source (which I call God); spiritual, rather than "religious"; with a sense of personal responsibility for taking action to create the life he wants, while also having and demonstrating compassion for others. A desire to further expand, deepen and share his earthly experience through a romantic and loving relationship, with a like-minded woman (that would be me), who is on a similar path, and offers openingly and equally to him. To walk side by side, hand in hand, with the knowledge we have each other's backs, (fronts, tops, bottoms, and sides, too), as well as our hearts. Health oriented, adventurous, loves to play and must love animals! If he also enjoys "uncooking" in the kitchen and helping to prepare meals, that's one of my favorite romantic stay-at-home-ideal-dates. I believe to be "in love", a couple must first be IN JOY ...the best way to experience that is to play and laugh together. Let's play (fun stuff, no games), and see where it goes from there.
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