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Living-Foods: Personals: Pittheus

Id Number006292
Date PostedApr 26, 2014
LocationLaramie, WY, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
OccupationStock Trader and Investor
DescriptionI've been totally and habitually vegetarian for more than 27 years; life member of the American Vegan Society and of the Vegetarian Society of Colorado; my raw-foods vegan diet is mostly a result of my attending their convention in Boulder, CO, in 1998, and of my hearing there the words of Jay Dinshah and several vegan physicians, authors, and scholars. I have strong and enduring compassion for all sentient creatures, especially those with central nervous systems, clear proof to my mind that they can experience misery and feel pain; I desire not to be a cause of pain, misery, suffering, or violence to anyone. My health is much improved and preserved by my drinking nothing besides distilled water and eating nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. I believe that people who judiciously and strictly follow such a diet and often do vigorous bodily exercise with minimal exposure to sunlight are least likely to contract such diseases as cancer, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis. "Exposure to sunlight is the most important cause of prematurely aging skin (a process called photoaging) and skin cancers . . ." says I respect the rights and beliefs of others to live in ways that they think right, and I'm adaptable to beliefs, desires, preferences, and lifestyles unlike my own. But I'm unlikely to deviate from such a vegan raw-foods diet as the one I've so firmly committed myself to for so many years. Free of debt since 1989, when I finished paying off my student loan, I've never used a credit card. I earn money by studying, buying, and selling common stocks and mutual funds; I can do so almost anywhere I can use a telephone, television, and internet connection. But attached inexorably to high altitudes, I'm unlikely ever to live below 7000 feet above sea level. I find my work fascinating, challenging, and enjoyable. I especially enjoy being outdoors at night and in dry thin air with a gentle breeze. Winter is my favorite season; I enjoy cold air when I'm prepared for it; I can always wear enough clothing in cold weather, but can't remove enough in hot. I listen well and enjoy tasteful humor. I feel deep regret when I see landscapes destroyed by commercial enterprises and increasing populations, or dwell on grave misfortunes and early deaths of greatly benevolent people. I will never own or voluntarily live in the same household with any member of another animal species; H. Jay Dinshah, former president of the American Vegan Society said, "We have no right to perpetuate the system of distorting and utilizing animals as property for our supposed benefit, and few people would even want to keep these creatures in their original natural forms. This is certainly true of dogs also, whose ancestors were wolves, . . . ." I enjoy quiet. I hope to establish true friendship with a cheerful, thrifty, polite, conscientious, kindhearted woman whom I'll be able to talk with pleasantly, and often deeply and seriously, about ethics, economics, international relations, literary philosophical essays, or any other subject that both of us find engaging. Though I set limits on what I give attention to, my curiosity is almost boundless. Many subjects are too arcane or abstruse for me to study, however much I wish to know them, but I'm almost always open to hearing them discussed, even if I have no hope to understand them well. Though I've limited my activities in recent years, many a vegan or total vegetarian who can communicate with me is likely to move me to try new things; many of them I would readily partake in with a true friend.
HobbiesReading, writing, listening, watching TV, running, walking, and weight lifting.
GoalsTo acquire enough wealth to give me freedom to spend almost all my discretionary time on studying, reading, and writing English.
QuoteLove does not dominate; it cultivates. --Goethe
Ideal MateI incline to learn about and acquire interests of people I associate with, but I hope to find someone with whom I can establish a close, true, enduring friendship or marriage, especially a nonreligious healthy and health-conscious vegan or total vegetarian woman who exercises often smokes nothing, never drinks milk or alcohol, but eats plenty of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, yet believes that one's quality of life and health can benefit by judicious choice and consumption of dietary supplements; who appreciates a man's character and intellect more than his money or physical abilities and measurements; who seldom or never gives attention to sports or weapons and is neither pet nor gun owner; who enjoys analytic inquiry and equity trading, or likes to study a subject such as logic, economics, an experimental science, or a 20th-century English grammar; a unique open-minded fun-loving romantic woman polite and respectful in personal relations, who knows how to cultivate enjoyable productive intimacy, neither expresses nor feels any schadenfreude, is not authoritarian or vindictive, but a forward-looking, optimistic, problem solver who seeks things, actions, qualities, and the like, to approve, admire, and appreciate; evinces many such virtues as patience, benevolence, tranquillity, empathy, compassion, cheerfulness, temperance, frugality, and straightforwardness; who seldom issues commands, but prefers to express her desires and admonitions with questions or factual statements; who cares about matters involving civil government and public policy, is curious about a wide variety of subjects, enjoys long, urbane, profound conversations as well as humorous and lighthearted ones; can recognize a vacuous tautology or a tu quoque ad hominem when she hears one; does not use the present tense where the past or future is intended, or the present perfect where the simple past suffices; has no objection to anyone's avoiding such phrases as "he or she" and "his kingdom or her queendom," and such narratives in a present tense as those of past or future actions; can distinguish between the transitive "lay, laid, laid," as in "he is laying his books on the table," from the intransitive "lie, lay, lain," as in "He is lying on the sofa"; who has a tasteful sense of humor, and can share some of my interests. I expect of myself the same virtues as I hope to find in her. Most of what I hope for is not necessary, but ideal; I never impose on anyone a necessity or desire for conformity to any of them.
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