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Living-Foods: Personals: Fruitarian Cait

Id Number006171
Date PostedJan 6, 2012
NameFruitarian Cait
LocationChicago, IL, United States
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
Occupationretail slave at hardware store
DescriptionI had been eating vegetarian going back five years and vegan for the last August 2011 my boyfriend and I started eating 100% raw, and now we eat what we consider to be a fruitarian diet, with 3-5 leafy green salads per week, some raw nut/seed milks sweetened with dates, occassionally avocados, and dehydrated fruits we use very sparingly aside from the winter when it's a bit necessary for keeping warm. I have since experienced a great improvement in my self image, cured my hypothyroidism, managed to stop taking antidepressants, sleeping pills and ADHD stimulants, quit smoking cigarettes and no longer drink any alcohol. I have attained a higher mental clarity and ability to focus that I've never experienced before. I feel that I have been able to heal some parts of my body previously damaged by abuse such as heavy drinking, psychotropic prescription drug use, and eating disorder behaviors of the past, former Caitlin.
HobbiesFirst and foremost I am passionate about studying and reading about any topic I find me there is nothing like getting lost in a book, looking up and seeing that hours have passed, it's like ceding from reality at times too. I also enjoy fiction books and following blogs of interest to me. I enjoy writing informative zines, enjoying good films and music. My favorite physical activities are cycling and yoga.
GoalsTo move to a warm climate and live in a place where I can grow 90% of my own food and hopefully not have to work for someone else to sustain my life.
Ideal MateI've found him already.
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