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Living-Foods: Personals: Tanya

Id Number006077
Date PostedDec 16, 2010
LocationSan Francisco, CA, US
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
DescriptionI was born and raised in Ukraine. I live in California for 7 years. Worked in clinic as a therapist. Now I am back to school because I decided to take a different direction. I combine both romantic and pragmatic qualities. I am a deep thinking person and may get wild and sane at the same time. I like to plan far ahead and stay in the moment. I am very reserved in the beginning, but open up to the high level of sensuality with time.
HobbiesI like adventures and long trips. I am in love with the nature. I like the sky right after the sunset. I am amazed by tall trees and mountains. I like to pace along the coast barefoot and feel the wet sand. Also, I like dance, reading, traveling, board games, theater, photography, and more.
GoalsI plan to have a secure future with, perhaps, a house and a garden in a place where it's largely available. I want to grow my own tomatoes and more. I want four hands working together creating a little paradise.
QuoteMy personal credo is healthy body and healthy mind. I don’t count calories or watch TV. I read books, not magazines.
Ideal MateI wish to connect with a person who can make a distinction between fake and real. I want to find a close friend to share good times and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Perhaps, now is a good time to find love based on deep understanding, trust, and mutual support.
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