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Living-Foods: Personals: Jeremy.

Id Number006071
Date PostedDec 6, 2010
LocationRegina, Saskatchewan, Canada
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 2in.
OccupationConstruction, drywall trade
DescriptionCaring, kind, active, the list goes on!
HobbiesSmall-scale farming, gardening, beekeeping, fitness, meditation, mastering the scythe, being in nature
GoalsI am currently working in a construction related field. I work in the drywall trade. This work has been a good fit for me, however, after hanging out at my parents' farm a lot this past summer, I've begun re-experiencing a deep appreciation for what it is to be on land, away from the city. Consequently, I will likely be spending more time next summer at my parents' farm so that my dad can 'Show me the ropes' of grain farming. I also have an idea of building a house on my father's land, so that I will be able to fully immerse my energies into farming the land, as well as being involved with the maintenance of an ever-evolving area in which are growing various trees, and bushes (many bearing fruit), as well as garden vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I wish to set up a scenario where I am able to offer a space of love for my future family to reside. I have no children, but I strongly desire to have some in the future. So, I am looking to find a woman who also plans to have children eventually, (at least one or two). She must be one to appreciate a strong, loving, growing relationship with her 'significant other', and be open to the creation of a splendid life ahead.
Quote"Walk on", Bruce Lee
Ideal MateLike attracts like, so...
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