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Living-Foods: Personals: jack de simone

Id Number006070
Date PostedDec 3, 2010
Namejack de simone
Locationlos alamitos, ca, usa
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 0in.
Hairdirty blonde
Eyesgreen hazel blue
Occupationworking / raw foods
Descriptioni'm 100% raw as of friday december 3rd. i eat like a gorilla... meaning no salt, sugar, or fat in an imbalanced manner. just got rid of "raw cashews" because they're not really raw, and canned olives. so now i'm officialy raw. what goes into my mouth is leafy greens galore,
Hobbiesraw food.
Goalsto get rid of avocados out of my diet. avocado is the only and last quote unquote "fat" in my diet. the rest is mineral rich leafy greens, and sugary watery juicy fruits, mostly berries, and oc tap water. my second goal is to consistently feed my entire family circle raw foods, key word consistently. it's possible cause now i have more energy to make more money, to give more.
Quoteyou are what you eat.
Ideal Matesomeone who is 100% raw. not very sexually active. only am tempted once a blue moon. seriously and funny ever since 100% raw food, my testerone & hormones dropped completely and happy that it did. i like a girl or girls, who are into what i'm into... working, technology... and i don't like girls who need me too much. but i'm kind of loner, so i don't know about a mate, because the point of a mate is to well... mate... and i'm not really active on that train. and i don't like to talk and move my mouth, but i like to indirectly communicate visually via typing or writing or body language. but since i went %100 raw, vibrating my vocal chords is unpleasant to me. i put my business before my dates, but not my family. but in conclusion, i think i'm unavailable because i enjoy spending so much time by myself working on my business.
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