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Living-Foods: Personals: lois campbell

Id Number006060
Date PostedNov 13, 2010
Namelois campbell
Locationlithonia, georgia , usa
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 5in.
DescriptionI'm a quiet fun loving person. I enjoy meeting and talking to interesting people who are spiritual incline. I'm on a self discovery of my own spirituality. I use to be a vegetarian years ago, but stopped for many years. I just recently started back. I'm really enjoying the raw vegan diet and lifestyle. I would love to learn how to create many raw vegan dishes.I also starter back meditating each day. I love the sense of calmness and oneness it gives me.I love going for long walks and being in beautiful surroundings. I'm pretty much a loner, because I enjoy my own company. I enjoy traveling and visiting wonderful places. I love children, and have three grown children. I'm a peaceful person and enjoy a drama free and stress free life.
Hobbieswalking, jogging, dancing, swimming, bowling, rollerskating, going to the movies,shopping,meditating, reading, laughing,and having fun.
GoalsMy goal is to be what God intended for me to be; Happy!
Quote"The kingdom of God is within."
Ideal MateMy idea mate is someone quite like me; who is quiet, peaceful and kind. He is considerate, thoughtful, honest and supportive of me. He enjoys most of the things that I enjoy.He loves staying in shape and keeping his body healthy.He is someone who is deep into his own spirituality as well. He knows to cook and clean. He respect all women. He is older than me and looks very good for his age. He never use profanity. His words are always sweet and kind.And he is very good looking too,and has a good career.
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