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Living-Foods: Personals: nature

Id Number006050
Date PostedOct 12, 2010
Locationboy, on, canada
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
Occupationteacher/organic mini-farmer/tree climber
DescriptionNature is my life. I love to stop, watch, touch. And any activity outside keeps me leaping: organic gardening, kayaking, cycling, hiking, tai chi, swimming (I am a fish) in abandoned quarries and oceans. My mind loves to be active too: I can't stop learning - craving knowledge in all fields, as well as yummy food from my fields! Respect for nature can be seen in all areas of my life: from riding for transport (to protect nature, joy of it) to battling conspicuous consumption. Compassion (feel with) fills my life. I'm also an artist... I am concerned about social/enviro justice...and so much more :)
Hobbiesgrowing food, swimming, biking -rd/mtn, scuba, meditation, tai chi, running, ART, writing/reading
GoalsTo kill santa claus :)
QuoteHow do you write the excited moans of a hen or the gurgle of a fish? :)
Ideal MateA woman who is a deep thinker and deeply cares for all creation. She should be in good shape (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually) and think there is more to life than fast cars and big houses (big gardens are ok though). Maybe she is more like a fish than a human (ah...clear lakes and oceans) :). She should be guided by love - not selfisheness or greed. Compassion and tolerance [whether it be re: food, race, religion, politics...] should guide her. I think it is vital to look for connect-ion on all levels. That means dogma/conditioning cannot supercede logic, under-standing, com-passion and a search for common-al-it-y. I don't get along with rigid people. I seek flexible and open connections. And of course this like all worthwhile things takes work...
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