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Living-Foods: Personals: Jessica Simone

Id Number006030
Date PostedAug 31, 2010
NameJessica Simone
LocationSanta Cruz, CA, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
Description49 but am told I look younger. Creative - professional vocalist/guitarist/percussionist, loyal-person of my word, good natured-easygoing, compassionate & kind, planet conscious, health conscious, researcher of useful knowledge - health science etc; outdoor lover, up for spontaneous adventures,~ one who knows that all these words only begin to scratch the surface: the real answers become apparent upon meeting each other. I am fairly deep rather than superficial. I would go hear a speaker at a local bookstore rather than to go to a movie. [Not a fan of Hollywood movies, but love a good documentary.] Sense of Humor - no joke is too goofy if it lightens the mood! Like to be positive, watch sunsets, love deep conversation... and a partner who can share their feelings without having to be coaxed. I cherish my friends & family. Spiritual, but non-denominational. Into metaphysical studies that have merit.
HobbiesPlaying music is a profession AND a hobby! Also walking in the woods or on the beach, camping, concerts, metaphysical projects, trying new raw recipes, spending time with friends, traveling, making my living space a joy to be in.
GoalsTo have a life-partner, to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible~ maybe even going off-the-grid, to become truly gourmet at making raw food dishes, to always improve as a musician, to grow spiritually, to have a great organic garden, to travel to spiritual vortexes/centers: Mayan sites, Stonehenge, Findhorn, Hawaii... and to meet you! [This is the first ad I have ever written!]
QuoteFavorite quotes: Dalai Lama: "My religion is kindness" Merl Saunders: "Save the planet so we'll have someplace to boogie!" Jerry Garcia: "Whoa ho, what I want to know-is are you kind?"
Ideal MateOne who has things in common with what I have written, at least somewhat. One who is happy to take the time to get to know each other first, then if things feel right they will naturally progress from there. Monogamy and a feeling of cherishing each other are important for a long term situation. I am less concerned with appearance or even gender and more concerned with the mental and emotional connection, and working towards common goals. I would love someone who is NOT into 'must see TV' but who would like to have a 'must live our own great life' experience - enjoying anything from accomplishing a project at home to a deep woods camping trip, a small weekend trip or a trip to Africa... a quiet evening at home reading or a bike ride... who likes the idea of having a musician for a partner, rather than tolerates it... one who will 'be there' for me like I would 'be there' for you... who enjoys being treated like you are special and vice versa... one who shares similar goals... one who understands that if it does not work out, we separate without drama, only a mutual and mellow parting of paths... one who is also easygoing in nature and communicates in a gentle manner...
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