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Living-Foods: Personals: Dominique

Id Number006016
Date PostedAug 6, 2010
LocationRedlands, CA, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
OccupationMassage Therapist and Aspiring Chef
DescriptionI'm always up for just about anything! I am an avid lover of good music and great food, I really love entertaining, I love hiking and being outdoors, definetly an animal person, very family oriented when the situation calls for it! :) Just all- around I like to have fun and laugh at just about everything I'm doing or involved in, but very much enjoy a passionate conversation or heated discussion as well! Bascially I'm just looking for a worthy adversary who know when to keep up and when to slow down, and can laugh with me for all of the times in between.
HobbiesAnything to do with, music, food, water, outdoors, kids, animals, or family! :)
GoalsI am currently a Massage Therapist, but am really looking to expand my life in the field of Holistics. I would love to someday open my own Holistic clinic, and will soon commence training to become a certified Yoga instructor and am also an aspiring (although amateur!) Raw Foods Chef, but practice makes perfect!!
QuoteBe The Change You Wish To See In The World
Ideal MateSings in the car, Loves Dogs, Close to his Family, Affectionate, Knows how to cook, Loves to Travel, Loves to Smile, Thinks my smile is the cure to all ills, Knows when to give in and when to fight, Picks up after himself, and doesn't mind cleaning the house sometimes, Doesn't ever do things for what he thinks he will recieve in return, kind-hearted and will always be willing to help someone in need, is always willing to learn from his mistakes, will always respect my mother, even if she's totally talking crazy :), Loves Children, Loves going for walks, swims, hikes, bike rides, whatever, even if it's at 2AM after a bottle of wine! Will talk about nothing and everything, takes care of himself, is concious of what he puts into his body, cares about his appearance - but not to detriment, Has some fashion sense should the situation require, appreciates all forms of music and art, has goals an ambitions outside of just getting married and having children, would swim through shark infested waters just to bring me a glass of lemonade, will wath horrible dorky movies with me, and would do everything in his power to give me the world... so you know... not too much :) I mean it's forever, you have to really put some thought into these things!! :-P
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