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Living-Foods: Personals: Kheyrne Danu

Id Number005986
Date PostedMay 23, 2010
NameKheyrne Danu
LocationCape Town, Western Province, South Africa
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
OccupationBodywork Practitioner, Sacred Movement Teacher, Natural Hormone Balancing Teacher
DescriptionEvery morning i wake up and the world feels different, i love spending quiet time, curled up reading a book as well as going off on adventures to beautiful places. I love my friends as they are my true family and our hearts are strongly open together. They would describe me as intelligent, quirky, playful, perceptive, easy going and passionate. I love journeying whether it is within myself or exploring with the people that i love.
HobbiesDance, sacred movment, music, nature, making raw food with my friends, travel, animals, horse riding, laughing, reading, watching clouds, researching how to heal people and the planet, being still and touching the world with my heart.
GoalsTo teach empowering workshops that assist people to claim back their sovereignity and treat themselves and the earth with full respect. To travel this amazing planet and feel every part of her beauty. To create a home that is completely green and give back to the earth.
QuoteLets make the most of this beautiful world, explore, love, play, nurture, who knows when we will have another opportunity to create heaven on earth.
Ideal MateAh, the ideal man. Well he would have to be chivalrous, gentle, confident, strong, perceptive, wise, motivated, calm, witty, very active, nature loving, travel loving and of course be a raw foodist. You can tell everything there is to know about a man by the way that he moves!
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