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Living-Foods: Personals: Aster Robinuez

Id Number005934
Date PostedFeb 18, 2010
NameAster Robinuez
LocationSanta Fe, NM, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
Occupationhealing arts
DescriptionI am somewhat of a nomad in life, and a minimalist in many ways. I am an explorer of polarized energies and forces. I seek expansion and opening, and I find and work with that which counters it. My path has led me to the Peruvian Amazon numerous times to work with Amazonian plant medicines. I am most interested in getting off the grid and homesteading, living sustainably, building naturally, growing food. This is in greater part a desire to align with the natural rhythms of Pachamama, and myself in relation to Pachamama and Wiracocha. The grand vision is, in a cooperative journey with others, to build a "landing pad" for those wanting a place to "be", in rhythm, with earthly and celestial dynamics.
HobbiesAmazonian plant medicines, sustainable living, natural building, drumming, singing, chanting, sacred space, crystals, feathers......
Goalso live off-grid, sustainably .. to live in a community of voluntarily awakening and opening beings.. to grow food for myself and those in community .. to build structures .. to conduct regular plant medicine ceremonies ... to hold space, especially holding space, along with others, as a cosmic anchoring point for an awakening process that many are in the midst of ... a shedding of layers, a breaking through of a collective cocoon .. and remembering (reMEMBERING, integration) of collective fragments... opening .. opening...
Quote"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."
Ideal MateI am very open... primary parameter is resonance.
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