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Living-Foods: Personals: scott cameron

Id Number005886
Date PostedNov 28, 2009
Namescott cameron
Locationcamas, WA, united States
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 0in.
Hairslt n' ppr mostly pepper though.
Eyesdark brown
Occupationmerchant mariner
DescriptionI have lots of free time when I'm off work since every day I work I get a day off. I can easily have up to 30 days plus off at a time with the downside is needing to be away for just as long, depending on the job I've been dispatched to lasts. I'm interested in finding something else for work since my heart is not so much into what I do now except for the time off and pay plus benefits. I discovered raw foods through a Captain at our company who is raw and I was impressed enough to investigate further. I am totally excited about this since I have been concerned for some time about how poor my SAD diet was and after reviewing some dvds he loaned me about raw food, I was motivated enough to give it a shot and have been pleased with the result so far. I suppose this is an extension of my having quit drinking earlier this year. I am not an AA'er and don't denounce that route and am still able to hang out with my friends who still imbibe. I was totally fed up and ready to start living my life since I did not feel alcohol contributed to my life in any was that was positive. I think if you can hang with the fact I'm not overly educated. Yes, I finished high school and even went to a trade school which was for my current position in the marine transportation industry.
Hobbiesmovies, music, etc...nothing too extraordinary.
GoalsI would like to find someone who could help me and I in return could help get through the good and the bad that this life has to offer. I would like to get out of my current work situation and find something that was a better fit considering my revitalized outlook on life. I would like to learn to live more modestly since I am conscious of my tendency to over-consume. I need to learn how to better manage my money and while I do not carry a great debt burden I should have more (i.e. mortgage) at this point than a bunch of records and comic books. (nerd alert!) I believe though I am heading in the right direction and could use some company.
Quote"life is for the living"
Ideal MateI have no idea since I don't think I have any prerequisites except that you are open minded and don't poo-poo my friends, most of whom are meat eaters. I would hope you're not totally self righteous about your diet, politics, or religious beliefs if any.
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