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Living-Foods: Personals: angel

Id Number005856
Date PostedOct 21, 2009
Locationoregon, oregon, usa
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
DescriptionI choose to be happy-loves to laugh, pure hearted, and wholesome and CHOOSE to be around others who ARE also HAPPY, PURE HEARTED and WHOLESOME. Wholesome is defined as taking great care of myself in all areas of my life which includes eating vegan foods, mostly raw, that I bless before I eat, swimming 60-70 laps 3 to 5 times per week, meditating and choosing to live life with a joyful optimistic attitude. I donít drink, smoke, nor do drugs. I donít even take aspirin. I value cleanliness and even floss after I eat (dentists just love me-smiles). You wonít find much make-up on me except for lipstick and at times the cleanest foundation I have found. I respect all living things-animals, nature, people. I recycle and even hug trees. I enjoy learning about my cherished friends and the special guy then surprising who I am with something that makes him or her feel nurtured, pampered and joyful. Having romantic- candle light dinners for my special guy that I prepared, or breakfast in bed when we become intimate or even picnics at the beach Hobbies include scrabble and backgammon, reading books that expand my spiritualism and enhance my emotional well-being, watching movies that inspire and make me laugh, being in nature with the birds, listening to the ocean waves, traveling, meeting people and learning their cultures and soft music with candles.
Hobbiesswimming, reading, meditation, travel, picnics, nature walks, walks by the ocean, backgammon and scrabble
Ideal MateA great loving guy who chooses to be happy-loves to laugh, pure hearted, values spiritualism and wholesome-defined as taking great care of himself in all areas of his life which includes eating vegan foods, mostly raw, exercising, and choosing to live life with a joyful optimistic attitude. none to rarely drinks, non smoker, no drugs. Values cleanliness, monagamous and is ready for an amazing relationship. Respects all living things-animals, nature, people and recycles. Romantic and knows how and chooses to take time to to build an amazing loving relationship.
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