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Living-Foods: Personals: caera

Id Number005805
Date PostedJul 11, 2009
Locationcape town, western cape, south africa
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
Occupationfilm industry
DescriptionI am a vibrant motivated person striving for fun and laughter and goodness in all aspects of my life. I believe in unity and love as the key to this process. I see a future of great compassion and togetherness with all life, and I believe that when we join as a united group we will be an unstoppable movement bringing peace and humility and wisdom to this planet and its people.
HobbiesBeing in the moment with any and all things that bring me into oneness with spirit and life. Touching the sun in a green field, laughing with friends, playing with children, watching a great movie, growing my vegetables, gardening, reading, meditating, swimming in the sea, cooking, writing and creating.
GoalsTo use the resources that I am currently establishing to create a community in nature that focuses on integrity, compassion, freedom, oneness, vision and sustainability. Living hand in hand with the Earth as our beloved friend and abundant life source. Transforming current systems to become heart centered and life giving rather than life taking. Re Inventing the wheel so that it causes no harm. Living a multi- dimensional universal life in communication with all life here and beyond. Awakening the hearts of the earth to embrace love and peace.
QuoteAwareness, knowledge and wisdom cannot come forth without the seed of love to embrace them. By choosing LOVE ,we save the world one heart at a time!
Ideal MateSome one who shares the same values as myself. Someone that believes in the power of love and that the heart is the centre of the universe. I am looking for someone to create an organic future with, which includes loving children of our own, and possibly adopted children. Someone who is a fantastic communicator, loves cooking, talking to God and loves to laugh and love. Respect, understanding, potential, motivation, sustainability, caring, compassion, peace, beauty, fun, wisdom, abundance, warm, sharing, vision, trust are values I aspire to in myself and my loved ones.
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