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Living-Foods: Personals: thomas

Id Number005803
Date PostedJul 9, 2009
Locationboulder, CO, US
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
Hairlight brown
DescriptionI am currently a student of massage therapy (until June 2010). A gemini sun with capricorn rising. Year of the monkey. I am at times outwardly exuberant and playful, and at times silent and simply witnessing. Intelligent, philosophical, spiritual. Nomadic tendencies (see: wanderlust), yet a strong desire to find my true 'home' and family/community. Interested in continual progression towards sustainable living. Still and will always be a child at heart (see: Peter Pan Syndrome). Dreams of learning to play a few instruments, continual artistic growth, mental/emotional/spiritual/physical raising of vibrations. Dreams of learning to surf, swimming with dolphins, raising raw and conscious children, of working with other children in a progressive (see: non public education), conscious fashion. Interested in energy work, lightwork, etc. Love exploring the always expanding merge of scientific discovery and spiritual/consciousness understanding. Love this human existence, this glorious, divine path of perpetually opening the heart to life and love. And being human, of course, there is always more stuff to work on within, more to learn, more to unlearn. Thus, always reminding myself that I love and accept myself just the way I am, in every moment, through the infinity of moments.
Hobbiesreading, writing, looking at art, making art, meditation, contemplation, people watching, bicycling, swimming, diving, music--mostly mellow, folk, bluegrass, jazz, healing music, sound healing, energy work, lightworkers, holistic practices, climbing trees, lying in the grass, kirtan, ...the list goes on
Goalsto be in the present, and give myself with full awareness to that which is Divinely laid before me, that which I am called to do and be
Quote"The heart is the hub of all sacred spaces, go there and roam in it"
Ideal MateInterested in meeting people likewise aware of the benefits of living foods lifestyle and overall radiant physical, mental, emotional health. Kindred spirits living the power of the present. Those in love with the inherent Divine Nature of all existence. Free spirits. Open hearts. Laughing and loving ones. Sipping the blissful nectar of one's pure beingness. Not afraid to cry when crying happens, to feel heartache when heartache happens, but who simultaneously see through it and beyond it. Those passionate about travel, experience, expansion, creation, playfullness, positivity... You who know who you truly are, and celebrate it!
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