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Living-Foods: Personals: Alicia

Id Number005759
Date PostedApr 26, 2009
LocationNew Albany, IN, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 0in.
DescriptionI'm Alicia. I consider myself a very sincere person, however, far from perfect. I'm gradually realizing there is a bigger plan for me than I've had for myself. Life is an adventure and you could say I'm exploring the deep. I have a need for good converation, whole foods, and love. I'm a compassionate person, an ENFP, and doing my best to live in this world with my unconventional thoughts and ways. I love my friends and value who they are and what they mean to me. My sister is a very important person in my life that shares a similar path as my own. What's so special about me? Well, maybe you can find out. =)
HobbiesI love to read about health, walk my dog, dance, sing, be playful, loving, watch children, etc.
GoalsGosh, I want to go into the health field, possibly nursing. I am a full-time student currently. Ideally, if however possible, through my own example I would love to make an impact on people through raw foods! How amazing it would be to be a raw chef! Wow, but I'm so far away. I'm just going to dream about it and give it time.
Quote"Don't mistake wildflowers for weeds, because they're wild, because they're free."
Ideal MateI'm looking for a partner that is sensitive, compassionate, has a huge love for animals and humanity as a whole. I'm into outdoorsy, adventurous types that live their life compassionately and surround themselves around positive influences and friends. Maturity, a love of health, a lover of music (singing, something of the sort), someone who can honestly say he loves himself. Also someone completely drug free is a must for me. I want to be with someone that can feel completely full on life itself. Honesty, sense of humor as I like to laugh a lot, and someone equally passionate and compassionate! So much more! I'm an ENFP is that helps and searching for someone with similar qualities!
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