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Living-Foods: Personals: Zsuzanna Szmilek

Id Number005665
Date PostedNov 23, 2008
NameZsuzanna Szmilek
LocationOttawa, Montreal, and beyond, Ontario, Quebec, and beyond, Canada
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
EyesDark Brown
OccupationMusician, Marketing, Health/Fitness, Recreational Therapy, Clinical Dermatology
DescriptionHonest, and truth seeking. I can be idiotic, because comedy is 100% necessary everyday. Smiles heal the soul, food feeds the soul and exercise strengthens the soul. I'm Contemplative, and an avid conversationalist. I do appreciate the quiet, as I will find myself in my own thoughts a lot, outside in nature. I love my dog, and connecting with living things. I strive for balance everyday. I strive to learn everyday. I strive to teach everyday. I consider myself to be a happy person -- humble, modest, but respectful and appreciative for what I have and for what I have worked hard for. I DO NOT smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs -- and I wish to surround myself with similar minds.
HobbiesI am a musician. I have turned my music more into a hobby rather than keeping it as a job, because once something becomes work, it can become tainted. Since music is so much a part of my life, I want to keep it light and open and be very gentle with it. I also paint, read, spend hours researching anything new and exciting in the health field. Im educated in a good number of fields, and still plan to attend more secondary education in 2009. I love to learn and love to teach -- thus the cycle continues. I strength train daily, and remain active.
GoalsI have many goals in my life that I wish to reach. To remain balanced, to eat organic and majority raw (not 100% because Im not an extremist -- I call myself more of a "life-ist."). I want to live in the country-side and tend to my own garden and develop my own fitness retreat. This will either take place in Northern Quebec, Ontario or in Europe.
Quote"Let your food be your medicine" -- Hippocrates
Ideal MateWe walk side by side -- but never pull or push each other off our own paths to suit our own -- because our paths are already so similar, it would be almost effortless in progressing together -- very gentle -- very Tao.
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