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Living-Foods: Personals: Gary

Id Number005630
Date PostedSep 26, 2008
LocationLos Angeles, California, United States
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
Hairlight brown
Occupationmusic production
DescriptionI'm a healthy, active & virile 54 year old slim white male (translation, I stay healthy through excellent diet, not on meds, I stay busy and don't sit around a lot, and I practice yoga, meditation & the Tao of Sexology (you can Google that instead of judging me as a perv right off the bat) which means I have high energy, am peaceful & have a very healthy drive for intimacy) I don't smoke anything, drink or take drugs (I am happy in a conscious state, uninhibited & loosened up without them) I am emotionally available (I don't have a wife, girlfriend or f-buddy) I'm self-sufficient (I work at a job I love & I'm not in debt) I am a fiery Sagitarious (a passionate creator, musician, visionary) I'm 5' 11", slim, flexible, resilient, well endowed, enveloping hands, a big nose, deep set eyes, Italian/German/English, my extremities are too big for my body & I give great massages (I'm attracted to primal, natural qualities rather than sanitized and altered, a fit body who is compatible with mine cause I love to cuddle) I enjoy & embrace all feelings because there is always something to learn from all of them (I have neither a positive or negative personality to live up to & I'm generally a content person) I laugh out loud a lot and find the humor in many things (I'm attracted to someone who's not too neurotic and who's fun) I believe in a benevolent higher power which loves, not punishes, and allows us to access our greatest potential of self-intuition in order to know our best course of action without being in doubt. (I appreciate an investigating mind off the grid of conventional wisdom, offbeat sensibilities, someone compassionate toward themselves & others, simple & appreciative of what they have) I like visiting Tropical islands & Permaculture. I have a close relationship with my small family and very special friends and I initiate deep connection and maintain healthy respect for our differences. I have profound appreciation for animals & I have a small dog. (Hopefully you aren't allergic to pets) Anything else? Just ask.
Hobbiesyoga, meditation,massage, movement, food prep, producing music, finding exotic tropical fruit, learning from others, anything that leads from interest to enjoyment, photography, NVC, Affects, acknowledging the distilled truth of all religion
Goalsbe in the present
QuoteWhen you know about love, food becomes a lot less important
Ideal Mateimperfectly perfect
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