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Living-Foods: Personals: Irene Daoust

Id Number005581
Date PostedJul 23, 2008
NameIrene Daoust
LocationMiami, FL, usa
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height4ft. 11in.
Eyesgreyish blue
DescriptionAbout Me: I am a genetic woman who really love all human beings and I particularly support men who cross-dress, the transgendered people, as well as the transsexuals, gays, lesbians and I respect everybody as each one of us is following its own path. I do understand and care a lot about you all. I am a truly happy, mature little girl, very committed in everything I do, open-minded on any subject. Enjoy life in all its form, I like adventures, I am fearless, always in good humor and see all the positive in everything and everyone. I basically live the present moment. Have no worries and i care very much for this planet. I am slim and fit, in very good health.
HobbiesActivities: I enjoy walking, reading, yoga, meditation, Interests: Science, nature, wellbeing, health, traveling to appreciate more the beauties of this world, creating with my hands, discovering and accepting the differences in people, listening to others who needs to express themselves. Also research on the Internet there is so much to learn. Favorite Music: Relaxing, romantic and the good dancing music from the 80's also the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson. Actually most of the music except Jazz and Western. Favorite TV Shows: About the only show that I watch: What not to wear I very seldom watch TV. I am not influence by all the junk they want us to grab and control us with. Favorite Movies: Gandhi, Holidays, The Maid in Manathan, E.T., most of all Julia Roberts, Yentel, by Babara Streisand, ... No horrors, no violence. Favorite Books: The Message from the Designers, by Rael, The Laws of Attraction, Osho's books, all books about personal growth and also the Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jean M. Autel and so many more.
GoalsI am really looking forward for a serious relationship with a wonderful human being with lots of fun, respect and understanding. At this point of my life I want to love, to share, to communicate, and live the most amazing relationship of my life. Also I usually follow my intuitions and lately something is telling me to move on to the west coast of Florida, which I intend to do later on this coming autumn. And I want to do something more out of my life that will benefit others.
QuoteLove your enemies. Be yourself. Just be. Love you neighbor as yourself. Live like it's your last moment. Love is the only salvation for the planet. There is no bad people, there is suffering people. It's not because nobody sees the truth that it becomes an error. The purpose of life is to be happy. You attract everything that your thoughts really get stuck on- being positive or negative.
Ideal MateMy ideal mate, is intelligent, funny, romantic, respectful, adventuress, he's not afraid to express his feminine side (sensuality, softness), he is happy and positive, he is not to tall, but slim and fit, he enjoys being outside in the nature and appreciates beauty.
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