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Living-Foods: Personals: Michael

Id Number005555
Date PostedJun 7, 2008
LocationWalla Walla, Washington, US
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 3in.
DescriptionI cant be described in a few paragraphs, no one can, really. I took a strength's test once and my top 2 "strengths" were spirituality and critical thinking. So I spend a lot of time thinking of my place in the universe and of what God is and His plan for me. I struggled with my faith in the past but am now planted firmly in pursuit of health, happiness and dedication to God. Sometimes i get bogged down with all the injustice in the world and go out in nature for a while to recharge, living around so many frantic, stressed out people and all the traffic noises and stuff really drains me, i need peace every once in a while, away from all the pollution. I'm a student right now and i hope to work someday in the health community, healing the sick, that would be a rewarding life imo, i don't know though, from reading about diet and natural medicine if i can make money off of healing people, it seems kind of contradictory in a way, in fact, money, materialism and the whole way of life that I've been born into is disgusting to me, so much is about money and prestige and seems so meaningless to me now. I used to buy into the American Dream, but now I thirst for wisdom, understanding, peace and a better knowledge of who I am and what my purpose is. Realizing the lie that society gives us, truth is definitely my number one objective in life now. I am INTJ btw if anyone is into mbti.
HobbiesI like to do things outdoors. Hiking,and backpacking, along with nature walks are great ways to relax, exercise and have a spiritual connection with God, experiencing nature. I love to ride my bike as well, which works out great considering the price of gas. I love music, whether it's listening to a live band or orchestra or playing the guitar or my trusty ukulele, music is supremely enjoyable, i cant go more than a few days without it, it seems. i spend a lot of my time thinking about music actually, its a big part of my life even though i am not a fantastic musician i want to express the unconscious "musical thoughts" that i get from time to time. I love to look up youtube videos about Freemasons and the Illuminati and read up on their disgusting plans for a NWO, you could call that a hobby i suppose, I call it preparation for the end of the world, but it is depressing i must admit. I also enjoy reading about Jungian Psychology and Meyers-Briggs type stuff, things of that nature..
GoalsHealth, wisdom, love, knowledge.
QuoteYou are what you eat...
Ideal MateWell, I don't believe in defining an "ideal mate" because it ends up making me set excessive standards and expectations, that's not what love is about. There are certain characteristics that i find desirable, however, but that aren't absolutely necessary. Trust is a big one, I want to be trusted and have trust in others, trust is a form of deep respect that doesn't require any speech or gestures, to me its kind of like a shared consciousness if a couple's trust is strong enough. Compassion is a desirable trait in a mate (ha!, I'm a poet and I didn't even realize it!), and also humor, I try to be funny, its good for the soul and as you can see, I could use some help, but back to compassion, seriously, i really like compassionate people. I've had paranoid, insensitive, humor-less friends(not completely) though who were near and dear to me, I try not to focus too much on people's lesser traits but on their strengths.
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