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Living-Foods: Personals: Lauren Elysia

Id Number005541
Date PostedMay 23, 2008
NameLauren Elysia
LocationCarbondale, Colorado, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 5in.
Eyeseclipsed suns
Occupationsharing the love
DescriptionI'm a pretty serious person. I hope that doesnt intimidate anyone, but I find that I am so apt to appear quite introverted and serious, when really I'm just contemplating the life we share and conquring ideas things in my head. I think its the scorpio qualities I harbor that people are picking up on. Really though, I'm pretty easy going, I love to share information and receive as much as I can possibly retain. Which is infinate :). I'm ready to seize the day and create a positive environment wherever I go.
HobbiesReading and engaging with friendly, conscious converstaion with the beautiful beings I call the "living" as well as all the beautiful folks who survive merely off of petro-chemical fumes... Hanging outside and making friends with the plant life, hoping to learn something new each day about their medicinal qualities, which I hope to cultivate someday... Dancing to music while smiling abroad, feeling the rhythm and eating raw foods :) trying things new and having the best day ever ;)
GoalsBe completely self sustained and regenerate a peice of the earth my past has hurt. Share awareness with the people who have developed into the thieving, butchers that are destroying the minds of my generation. Hold the thought that I am creating the world with the my perceptions.
Ideal MateHe is about 5' 4" with steally blue eyes, curly dark hair and the most adorable dimples. Raw, vegan musician who is passionate about creating and sharing the ultimate achievements we are all capable of. Quite the talentled little monster I must say. His high energy keeps me up all night and his quiet persuasion helps me do the things I know are right. If he could, he would eat durian everyday. He stinks great...
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