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Living-Foods: Personals: Eric

Id Number005504
Date PostedApr 18, 2008
LocationMalmoe, SK, Sweden but movable to warmer places
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 1in.
HairDark blond
OccupationNatural Health and Healing Practitioner and Educator
DescriptionTruth lover. Sun and nature lover. Cosmopolite. Writer. Gardener. Hiker. Cyclist. Honest. Ethical. Kind. Playful. Strong minded. Open-minded. Inquisitive. Flexible. Spontaneous. Sensitive. Tactile. Communicative. I like to discuss life matter topics and theories about health, history, the future and much more, both when opinions differ and coincide. I like comments and criticism in what I do because I like to learn and improve myself and my work. I live on raw foods, many of them wild and from my garden. I like a simple life. Concerned about the future life on Earth and the environment. Never used drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee or tea. Automobile and cellular free.
Hobbies(and interests) Like to play games, physical ones like basketball, floorball, Frisbee, as well as “thinking” games. Ashtanga yoga. Meeting new people. Languages. Humor. Philosophy. Dialectics. Traveling. Does anyone want to join a long bike ride or walk?
GoalsI would like to find a partner who wishes to live a natural lifestyle and share many experiences of life, working towards a caring, growing, lasting and loving relationship. With her work with health and environmental education and do what we can do to help create a sustainable and more peaceful future.
QuoteWith a new way of thinking and acting we can create a better future for ourselves and the ones who comes after us.
Ideal MateShe loves to do things with me; hiking, cycling, traveling, music and dancing, sports, stretching and yoga, bodyworks, playing games and have fun, write and work to save the Planet and much more. She is not ruled by her dogmas and ideologies but free to make use of her intelligence, intuition and common sense. She is a keen environmentalist and strives to live in an ethically and environmentally responsible way. She has deep feelings of empathy for those who suffer injustice: humans, animals and Mother Nature herself. She may have a background in animal liberation, vegetarian/ vegan, raw foods, peace or the environment movement, agriculture, horticulture, vegaculture, permaculture, biology, natural healing, personal development or similar. She is not brainwashed by medical philosophy but believes that nature is the only healer and that health is produced by healthy living and a favorable environment. She is communicative, can both listen and talk well. She is responsible, stable, cuddly and tactile and has a good sense of humor. She is a lover of life and has an uncanny power of turning problems into challenges. She must not have all above qualities but she is open-minded, spiritual, sincere, honest and loving. She is free from desire for tobacco-, alcohol-, coffee and drugs and leading a healthy lifestyle. Her race and ethnical background is not important.
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