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Living-Foods: Personals: Alisha Fisher

Id Number005452
Date PostedFeb 21, 2008
NameAlisha Fisher
LocationFelton, California, United States
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
HairBrown with blond highlights
OccupationPhoto artist
DescriptionI am a feisty, cautious, good looking, physically fit vegetarian. I love animals.I vote democratic. I really want kids.I love to travel. I love adventure, romance, sincere people. I love movies.I am independent but needing help right now so I can do my art.I am devoted to thoes who are devoted to me.Please have a look at my Bio(pic of me): I am a terrible speller sorry!I am a pagan but am open to all religions.I am quirky and eccentric. I look like I am in my 20s.I have to admit that I like to be in controll at all times.I am pretty health concious.I am very very creative. I am into native spirituality. I am conservative in that I only want to be with one person right now.
HobbiesI have many hobbies. I am interested in everything but my primary interest is in art.
GoalsTo pursue a career in the movie, theatre or fashin industries.
QuoteDo not betray yourself and your dreams
Ideal MateFirst of all I have to be attracted to you. And second of all I am looking for someone who is hounest and sincere and wants to have kids with someone. I don't care if your the most boring person on earth if you do not want to go the extra mile for me then forget it. Unless you cannot leave your job for any reason to meet me then I would probably feel resentful spending time and money and a plane ticket to go meet you.I would like to be with someone who will respect me and above all love my art. But right now I am primarily looking for someone to have a kid with and who can help me with my career.I am attracted to men who are warm and friendly.Also I would like someone who is not old enough to be my father.If your going to be negative, criticize me then just do not bother contacting me.I am not interested in dealing with anyones big problems right now(divorce, criminal, drug/alcohol problems etc.)
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