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Living-Foods: Personals: Clint

Id Number005406
Date PostedDec 19, 2007
LocationTampa, fL, United States
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
Hairdread locks
DescriptionI am an artist (glass blowing mainly, some painting, some jewelery), musician (guitar and piano), community builder and nature lover. I love quirky songs and some may describe me as quirky. I am very responsible too. I like hacky sack, poi, disc golf, anything that involves the water, juggling, puzzles, playing w/children, listening to elders, and writing really long descriptions about myself for internet sites. My beauty is from complete rejection of vanity (natural beauty). My physical is unchanged from the way nature has meant for me to look. I don't use razors or scissors. Natural dreadlocks have formed graciously and by no effort on my part. My spiritual quest is ever unfolding as my education of history continues. I am drug/alcohol free many years and have even been relaxing from the use of holy herb currently. I do find info about natural ways to enhance perceptions very interesting but am very reserved with taking part. I love to play, dance, tai chi, sing, books, movies, rightful living, glean, hatha, sex, the outdoors, preparing food, garden, being with like minds, family, morning walks, talking one on one, and most of all- intimacy with a true love; be it a touch, a gaze, making love, a nuzzle, a smile, that look, or anything that communicates I to her and her to I. I am looking to move out of Florida and have many projects to see thru before I move. So it is not the best time for me to jump into a new love but I know for who I am looking so this may be a good way to make a contact. Having good company I'm happy to be stay home or travel. I sleep on a bamboo mat and natural fiber blankets because I now see that plastic mattresses are unsustainable luxury items and likely not very healthy or clean. Natural flooring; there is no going back to plastic or wool carpet or rugs for me. I have many skills and have plans to start a business making/ selling prepared raw foods and informative "how to" media. or I will leave to work at Tree of Life or Hippocrates inst. or a similar organization. I am managing an artists' co-operative gallery where I live next door and also manage/own the two properties. I like to walk or bike for many things here in town and drive a '76 vw bus. the '81 vw diesel bus is my next project (its running now but not ready to leave town yet) as to start using renewable veg oil for my transport needs. I am here for the journey; as long as I am learning I am happy. there so that's a little about me! ~~
Hobbieseating raw has giving me a sense of the ability to be self sustainable more so than any other lifestyle. I see sustainability being an important issue now. I'm glad to share any knowledge and experience I have w/others who are becoming open to a healthier, more eco-friendly, and cruelty free way of sustaining themselves and the planet. there are so many reasons to go for a raw living foods life of radiance and lots of good clean energy and clarity. We need only to look a nature to see that eating uncooked food is perfect in every way because all other creatures that are perfect in their natural wild habitat eat raw food so why would we think that we're any different. eating raw feels right. it makes sense and is much more simple than eating dead food. because of enzymes! enzymes enzymes enzymes are just a little bit important for life. and I'm all about living! I am a student learning to be a yoga teacher; i have been teaching a little here and there all ready. Hi Mom!luv U!
Goalseat less - live longer
Quotedo unto others as you would have them do unto you :)~ to keep what you have you must give it away :)~ simplicity is an advanced course :)~
Ideal MateI am seeking someone who is natural because it is who she is and wants to be. so that is the way she looks and lives and smells and tastes. so in most any case if I can tell someone is wearing make-up it turns me off because I don't want that stuff rubbing off on me aside from what it could taste like even if it is plant based organic. I want someone who is comfortable with her beauty and chooses to use make-up very selectively or not at all. smells great all the time. and yes the body hair of a woman is a major turn on; its all about the texture. Ever softness ( as opposed to ever returning stuble) natural living hair; which holds and stimulates her erotic scents assuming she is a sensual person who takes great care of her temple. a best friend. one I learn from and share with. we will create together easily, build together, and also have balance in our individual lives. someone who loves their family and is on good terms is always a plus. she can be crazy but not psycho. diet is such a large part of who we are. I don't really have any absolutes to declare; my preference would be someone who is into raw and living foods. I know for sure that I am attracted to those well experienced in raw and living foods-vegan. yeah that's for sure. someone I can create and share with in the kitchen , garden, cooler and maybe even run a business together. I think it would be great to work and live together; yeah when time soon come I am here now.
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