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Living-Foods: Personals: Emily

Id Number005288
Date PostedAug 20, 2007
LocationBlacksburg, VA, US
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
DescriptionI love the outdoors, but am naturally lazy and intolerant to extreme heat or cold, so it's hard to enjoy them sometimes without some good motivation. Once I get out there, it's all good though. I'm new to raw foods, but I have been vegan for a good year now, and as most vegans know, we become expert ingredient label readers. I got really tired of doing all that so I started to be vegetarian for a while, but then realized being vegan is easier when you aren't looking for "accidentally vegan" processed foods all the time. So now I am buying mostly unprocessed whole foods, the way it should be. I heart the farmer's market.
HobbiesKnitting! Reading, biking, yoga, pilates, hiking through the beautiful mountains in Virginia, lecturing meat-eaters on their horrible ecological footprints.
Goals100% raw! I'm weak-willed with grandma's cooking, so this is a very lofty goal for me. Also, I plan on becoming a costume designer for theatre and movies, studying at VT now. Wish me luck!!
Quote"We are Virginia Tech."
Ideal MateAbove all things, humorous. I have to laugh, with you and at you. Hopefully someone who won't let me be lazy, who wants to go outdoors and is willing to drag me with them. Someone who likes to travel, likes to learn, is open and accepting. And someone who knows when to give me my space. I needs my alone time. ...and just be a little bit superficial, I like if you're taller than me. I'm partial to my high heel collection....
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