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Living-Foods: Personals: Brucea001

Id Number005278
Date PostedAug 11, 2007
LocationMoorestown, NJ, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
DescriptionAlthough I'm chronologically a handsome 44 my outlook of me is that of a handsome 34 year old man. That does not mean I'm emotionally 34... LOL! I can never define myself when asked this type of question, I believe that I'm everything and everyone. I can say that I've been on a path my entire life to be exactly who I am, and that path continues endlessly. I am finishing a dual-major at Rutgers University for mathematics and psychology. My path is guided by the desire to be a special-edu math teacher in a middle-school while simultaneously acquiring a certification as an Art-therapist.
HobbiesTraveling on my motorcycle, my Yoga practice, taking care of my plants, and most of all... school, school, school! :-(
GoalsTo gain as much power and money so that I can rule the world! No, just kidding! I truly wish to be the spirit I was when I was born; before I was imprinted on and told what I need to be. I'm slowly getting there... :-)
QuoteGetting what you want is easy, waiting until you are ready for it is what is hard.
Ideal MateThis is still under investigation. There is so much beauty in people and my path is focused on always seeing that. It does become difficult at times because the majority of my day is spent in a world that has accomplished masking life, and this causes me to become lost. So I think it would be nice to meet someone with a true interest in life and how it all unfolds.
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