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Living-Foods: Personals: Anthen Puller

Id Number004982
Date PostedSep 9, 2006
NameAnthen Puller
LocationSimi Valley, CA, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 6in.
OccupationChristian Counselor
DescriptionA BIIIIG "Huggy Bear", soft of speech, highly educated, world travelled, polyglot, cultured, adventurous (to a point), dependable, steady, sense of (harmless) humor, non-jugmental, cool-calm and collected, a goood listener, strong- ready and available shoulders, love to give massages and foot rubs, love nature and "all that God hath wrought", more comfortable in jeans & T-shirt than a Tux, mixed ethnic ancestry, ready to "go for it" to see what the next 72 years will bring!
HobbiesBible Study/Meditation; Writing Scripturally-based Inspirational Articles/Poetry; Soloing at church (Basso-Profundo/Baritone); playing the keyboard; arts & crafts; crossword puzzles; babies and small animals; sharing "The Word".
GoalsTo serve, discover, share, experience, teach and learn all that Our Creator has yet for me to live!
QuoteMy life is in Him and His life is in Me. Thats the 'Joy' I wish for others.
Ideal MateThe 'inner-beauty' of the Lord will shine through so evidently that there will never be a question of her physical beauty; adventurous to a point but equally content to discover new and uplifting things to enjoy right beneath our feet at home; comfortable in jeans and T-shirts but able to 'flaunt' it in dress-up as well; active in maintaining a 'healthy' lifestyle for herself as well as me and her family; someone to "serve and search" with me on the path the Lord will put before us, rather than someone to 'settle down' with; a 'Best Friend', an ('equal') Partner, an Ally, a Sister, a Confident, to whom I can "cleave" as per Genesis 2:24 inspired to be the Ephesians 5:25 Husband I want to be!
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