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Living-Foods: Personals: chris "kwalla"

Id Number004958
Date PostedAug 22, 2006
Namechris "kwalla"
LocationSebastopol, california, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
Hairmed brown
Occupationraw vegan chef
DescriptionI am a dichotomy of sorts but do fit neatly into a few pegs. I believe that to truly achieve the potentials lying latent within us is to complete a harmony of self. The key to that harmony in the sense of being the most tangible means to achieving it, is the body. The body is truly the "temple" of the spirit and mind. I make and eat "gourmet" raw food but not daily and sometimes not weekly (not counting little taste tests). I love fresh picked greens and whatever other veggies with avo and dulse and simple salad dressing as much as raw choc chip cookies. The less processed food just vibrates so much more within me and the taste just really reminds me how perfect everything really is-always. Moving on, I love nature, animals of all kinds, waterfalls, unfettered laughter, music of all vibes, the human creative spirit (books, poetry, art, music, sustainable living means), appreciating the little things in life, accepting lessons with grace, being under the sky day/night, a good inspirational doc/movie, festivals/concerts, growing herbs and edibles, praising the good aspects of people,traveling is huge for me (love to see as much of this world as possible), love tropical settings eating sunkissed fruits, can talk about pretty much anything and get along with pretty much everyone, am very good at being empathic and putting myself in others shoes. tell you more later
Hobbieslooking for new nature spots to explore, reading a life enhancing book in the sun by running water, creating new edibles, listening and (more so) feeling music, filling up with life while maintaing passionate thanks and praise for the moment
Goalsstartup own raw gourmet vegan catering, delivery, and private dinner service within next 5 months and in a few years go travelling for awhile.
Quote"Experience(life) is the only teacher that gives the test first and the lesson afterwards."
Ideal MateConscious and striving for more. Compassionate, empathic, selfless but loves herself to know better not to hurt herself for others, sweet, still innocent towards life (not jaded), loves life and wants to only love more, seeks to align her mind-body-spirit, young in spirit and heart, loves animals and children, loves the earth and growing from it, respects this gift called life and gives praise. beautiful on the inside, the reflection seen will mirror that
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