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Living-Foods: Personals: Joe Boswell

Id Number004954
Date PostedAug 19, 2006
NameJoe Boswell
LocationAlpharetta, GA, United States
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
Occupationvet tech
DescriptionI am very honest and virtuous, easy going, unoffendable, easily amused, adventurous, balanced. The english language and our culture frustrates me because many words and ideas have negative or positive connotations. But I do not complain or hate, only speculate and study. Even when something seemingly negative happens in my life, like jail or sickness, I have the ability to step outside myself and appreciate the human experience. My life has been wonderful, I love learning about myself and figuring out how I can positively affect my environment. Inner-peace has always come pretty easy to me, so my short term goals are to give back to my environment and society, and after I feel I have done my part, I shall move away to exist freely and introspectively without the need to partake in markets and human trends.
HobbiesI write music, play frisbee, go hiking and camping, football, I love meeting people, rarely do I meet somebody that I dont think is amazing and fascinating in some way.
GoalsTo establish charitable non-profit corporations that make a positive impact on my community. Then pass them on to person I trust and move to India for an unknown amount of time.
Quote"My logic is irrefutable, unless you refute it" -me
Ideal MateI do not have an ideal mate, Im not looking for love, my path is a personal one and if love happens to be on the path i cannot plan that. This post exists to find someone with similar health goals as me for support and fun eating outings and friendship. My favorite traits are confidence, independent thought, and selflessness.
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