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Living-Foods: Personals: Aya

Id Number004941
Date PostedAug 7, 2006
LocationSedona, AZ, US
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
Hairdark brown
OccupationGraphic designer & Mandala artist
DescriptionA French-born visionary and graphic artist now settled in Sedona, Aya spent his early childhood in Madagascar where he stocked up on lush tropical colors, scents and sounds. In his 20’s, quitting a “promising career” in Singapore as a diplomat, Aya went on an expanded spirit quest pilgrimage that led him, in 1985, to birth a family of transformational mandalas called the “StarWheels” ( The author of several books, a mystical faery poet and celestial gardener, Aya is the president of the StarWheel Foundation and the founder of the School of Sacred Geometry. Passionate about re-weaving the earth mandala in all its raw spirit splendor and golden harmonic beauty, Aya holds the vision of co-creating an educational campus-community for twinkly eye life style. Aya was gently inspired by the 2005 Raw Food Festival in Sedona, AZ, to shift from a vegetarian to a raw vegan diet, thus bringing in new radiant and vibrant frequencies to enjoy and share.
HobbiesBeing in love, breathing, meditating, following the inner sound current, smiling a lot (to catch up from missing it before), making carrot pulp cakes, dancing without a floor, taking rain & sun showers, body fitnessing and witnessing, climbing trees of life and kundalini cascades, crossing rivers on wooden and rope bridges, catching spirit impressions with butterfly nets, sharing faery poetry, surfing mystic poetry flows, traveling Gaia, shivering and shimmering...
GoalsBe awed by all nature and all beings, belly laugh at all polarities, dance the magnificent beauty of life, be free from all circumstances, love without conditions, giggle immensely, disappear to my little self, learn how to live in infinity, be humbled by any flower, sing the sounds of creation, find ever subtler ways to make people happy, create a community campus of creative arts
Quote"It will never end..."
Ideal MateShe is a co-creating goddess, embodying and dancing the beauty of Nature, walking with poise thjis Mother Earth, knowing and radiating the Divine Source, she has done her home-work and home-play and is now of service to others as Herself, she body temples herself and sings songs of gratitude for being two in one and one in many... Strong and sweet, she is complete and can share this Love without "i"...
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