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Living-Foods: Personals: David paz

Id Number004839
Date PostedMay 8, 2006
NameDavid paz
LocationArdmore, PA, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 0in.
HairBrown with a bit of grey
OccupationBusiness Consulting
Descriptionlove people and animals (not necessarily in that order), music (oh, to be reborn as an Irish fiddler), art (raised with an eye for Andrew Wyeth), laughter (social and medicinal), running (meditation in motion), walking (to see, and for holding hands), family (equilibrium with an attitude), conversation (in search of someone), food (curious and experimental), reading (learning and entering), hands (creating)My spiritual orientation: earth centered; though not a practicing Buddhist, I am mindful of the ethical precepts. For fun: attend a dance performance (big fan),concert (broad range, eclectic), poetry reading, running, time with friends and family, good conversation, writing, painting, sculpting. Some favorites: Natalia Zukerman singing, Fred Astaire dancing and singing, writing of Marvin Bram, Pat Wictor singing, writing of Jean Liedloff, music of David Amram, "The Tango Lesson" (film), raw vegetable salads, my children (My 20year old son lives with me. We share our living space, hugs, opinions, disagreements and laughs.).
Hobbiesattend a dance performance (big fan),concert (broad range, eclectic), poetry reading, film, running, time with friends and family, good conversation, writing, painting, sculpting, activism, alternative medicine, animals, art, community service, crafts, environment, green living, hiking, outdoor activities, reading, laughing, music: appalachian to zydeco, albinoni to zelenka, world indigenous to jazz to celtic to indian to...
Goalsslowerpace, balance, open fields, old trees, starry sky, meandering stream, running dogs, peaceful lives
Quotemaking love is a way of getting high, perhaps ultimately the only way. we make love when we walk down the street and smile at an old person. we make love when we pet an animal. in all of our daily interrelating with beings and with things, we either create more love or break down the love that exists. - anonymous
Ideal Matesomeone who is open-minded, compassionate, honest, easygoing and easy to talk with, appreciates intimate (in the broadest sense) relationships, is at peace with and loves herself, loves animals and might enjoy a spontaneous moment of slow dancing on a street corner at midnight.
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