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Living-Foods: Personals: Lhesli M.Dove

Id Number004790
Date PostedMar 28, 2006
NameLhesli M.Dove
Locationsedona, az, usa
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 0in.
Occupationartist, writer
DescriptionI am a healthy, beautiful, wise, loving, fun-loving woman who looks very youthful and gets younger every year. I am highly creative and have been writing a book called Conversations with the Goddess. I like to live well, enjoy a beautiful environment and healthy living. I eat mostly raw, and seasonally may eat more cooked foods like soups in the winter. I am not a fanatic, but just feel better with live food. I lived in Sedona Arizona for 20 years and left there a year and a half ago and have been traveling. I desire to be part of a progressive community of creative, successful and healthy people. I am a messenger for the Goddess within, and most of my writing, art, music and ceremony honor the Mother and her beauty. I can also be strong and stubborn. I have had issues with food addictions in the past and stay away from all processed food or I get very out of balance. I have had a number of relationships and three marriages. One marriage was short when I was very young. One lasted fifteen years and just ran out of steam. The third was to help a canadian man get his green card. I do not feel that I have met my match yet, but perhaps was not ready to. I like to live well, not extravagantly, but well. I do not expect a man to take care of me, and I would not mind having a partner who is stable and can help me to manifest my dreams, and advise me. I have tended to be better matched to a man who is younger than myself, about five to seven years younger. My mailing address is in Arizona, but I do not have a home base at the moment. I am in Lake Atitlan Guatemala on retreat and to write. I am planning to come home in about a month. I am on a sort of vision quest, and it is both amazing and challenging. That seems like enough for now!
Hobbiestravel, designing jewlery, hiking, singing, walking, teaching ceremony, staying vibrant and youthful,gardening
GoalsI wish to have many books published. Create a series of books, music and dolls to teach little girls about being wise, creative women. I wish to be part of or create a creative collective of people to work with to create exceptional and valuable things. I wish to live a life as close to the one I imagine in my heart as possible, and be surrounded by alive, joyous, healthy, creative people. I wish to find a partner to share this with.
QuoteIt is highly unusual for me to submit anything like this, but here it is! I am opening to living fully and completely from the Heart. This time of my life, and time in the world is a great opportunity for creativity and taking new directions. I am a pioneer and ready to take my place as a leader wherever I am guided to go.
Ideal MateMy ideal mate is a man who is known for his integrity and loving heart.He lives in a beautiful place and loves beauty. He knows how to be successful in the world, and also chooses to live differently than most men, by being concsious and healthy. He is interested in inspiring and educating people who are making the transition to a new culture. He is handsome nd strong, loves to stay in shape. He has a real sense of humor, and finds a natural joy in life. He desires a woman who is independant and has her own life, and is not possesive. He is interested in living or does live in a place that has clean air and water and beautiful surroundings. He is honest and has wonderful friends. He can have older children and there is a sense of family but not too dramatic!He is compassionate and intelligent. He can be supportive and strong and is a wise man worthy of respect. He can support me in being myself and stepping into my power as a woman and human being. He is loving and passionate. He does not mind being in relationship with an idealist!
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