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Living-Foods: Personals: Divina

Id Number004756
Date PostedFeb 19, 2006
LocationDelightfulville, NH, US
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
Eyesblue sparkly
OccupationBiodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Truama Healing Practitioner
DescriptionI am passionate about everything that I do, and am creating a life of massive abundance. I'm pretty funny, and do what I love most of the time. At present, I am re-inventing myself, just coming out of a difficult, 8-year relationship / marriage. There is a huge creative energy surging through me, and it is really fun to harness and channel it into various creative endeavors. I am a midwife of souls....
Hobbieswriting, composing and playing music, being an artist, photographer, sungazer, lover of life, being in Nature, studying, mostly about Health, spirituality, meditation, being present, quiet, listening deeply, rawfood, family and friends, animals....(other people's at this point)
GoalsTo be doing exactly what I really want to be doing, and in so doing, create massive abundance, and be of great service to humankind.
Ideal MateAs I'm in the process of ending and shifting out of a marriage, I am not looking for a mate, but rather for developing deep relationship / friendships with kindred spirits. I really want to learn about how to be in healthy, meaningful, supportive relationship with people. I'm not ruling out a longterm, romantic relationship or marriage....I'm looking for people who are very conscious, inwardly quiet, abundant, creative, musical, fun, love being outside, are emotionally available, affectionate, deeply present, quiet listeners, thoughtful, respectful, understand healthy relationship...who will hold my hand, put their arm around me, be demonstrative with affection, who are honest, dependable, knowledgable about holistic health and healing, and who are deeply committed to their spirituality....and who are raw foodists.
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