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Living-Foods: Personals: kimapple

Id Number004746
Date PostedFeb 13, 2006
Locationnew york, new york, usa
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
Occupationchildren's marketing
DescriptionI am perfectly ambivalently enamored by both eating and exercizing. I loooove nurishing foods before and after a good bikram or jog. I think the only rule in the entire world is to be honest with yourself and give 110%. It's also the hardest thing ever because it means being a lot of being wrong and giving up before getting better. In the end, life is only once, so I'll try anything twice cuz the first time rarely counts.
Hobbiesin no particular order: bikram and ashtanga yoga, running, all music esp dance, trip-hop, emo, indie, classical, jazz (no rap/country), art, art history, music, languages, food!!!
GoalsI love living in nyc, but see the west coast in my 10 year plan. I was an elementary school teacher and currently work with children's books and would love to continue this along with developing my practice of yoga and living foods. Basically my ideal would be to wake up 60 years old near the ocean with a day packed full of living foods, color, children, yoga and loving friends to share it with...sigh, who know I wanted to be a "barefoot hippy"?!?
Quote"Never too old, never too young, never too sick or damaged to start over and try again" ~Bikram Choudhary (referring to yoga, but it goes for so much more)
Ideal MateA mature, self-reflective and humble man that knows his strengths as strengths and weaknesses as things to work on. I am open-minded enough to date the most avid meat-eater, as long as they're chilled out enough to respect my raw veganism, but "ideally" he would share my beliefs. He would have his own career or developing career. He would be close with his family and love to travel. He would be at least 6'1" as I am 5'10" and respect his private time equally to time with his significant other and his friends. He would not be the male version of myself, where's the fun or learning in that? Yet he would feel like he has a lot to teach and even more to learn.
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