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Living-Foods: Personals: jaredjones

Id Number004710
Date PostedJan 14, 2006
Locationminneapolis, mn, usa
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 1in.
Descriptioni am a a really enthusiastic person. i am really focused on creating my music and collaborating with others to acheive amazing music and reaching new levels of understanding. i play everything from avant guarde rock/jazz,bluegrass,prog/math rock,ambient insturmental madness,earth tones,folk, etc... iam doing everything that i can to become the best person i can be,embracing unconditional love and the unknown,raw foods is important to me, iam a peace full,positive,anarchist,spiritual, feminist,earth loving, human being.if we must have fun with labels. thats a good start for me.
Hobbiesi dont have hobbies.i do however have passion for: music,creating music,i play drums.piano.guitar,banjo,didjiridoo,bass,sitar,learning the flute,harmonica, i am also into esoteric/occult studies,alchemy,fire spinning with staff and poi, diabolo,climbing trees,hiking,camping,going on ninja missions at night,trying handstands,stretching, going on spontaneous adventures, etc...
GoalsHAPPINESS! and then i set 100 goals for each year,and then life goals as are some in no kind of order; skydiving,learn 5 launguages by 26 years of age, travel the entire planet, start a free school in my hometown, tour the planet,inspire true freedom,learn breakdancing,fly a helicopter in the desert,teach music,put out more focused art work,go on tour using only bikes and solar power, burning man,live anarchism,everything, nothing, fire walking, etc....
Quotewhile we fight for our lives-let us live lives worth fighting for.
Ideal Matei want to meet cool, fun, positive,raw,people. idont have an ideal mate as there are somany beautiful people and i want to know them all . i am here on this site to network and make friends.
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