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Id Number004709
Date PostedJan 10, 2006
LocationEast Side, FL, United States
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 0in.
DescriptionI'm My Mother's Daughter! Being a mom has always been my first priority. I love being a mom. I have 4 children 6 years old to 28 years old. Three of them are grown with kids of their own. I have 5 Grand children. I love having a 6 year old - he's my joy! It's a great adventure. I had 2 of my children at home, natural child birth for all, and breast fed until they weened themselves. I don't believe in tough love but in kind nurturing love. I always wear flip flops I don't wear make up although I probably need it. I wear silver if I wear jewelry at all. I love children's art. I love the raw creativity children have. I grew up with hippies - I was what you call a flower child. It was very interesting and fun. We lived on a bus at one time - very classic hippie. I love peace and truth - I'm a seeker of truth. My ex-husband gave me Hepatits C - I've had it for about 8 years now. Most of the time I feel like it's a battle between health and sickness but I try to stay on top of the situation by the way I eat. I like to eat basic natural foods. I try to juice everyday - vegetables and fruit. I've put myself on a vitamin therapy with some herbs. But....I don't exercice enough, I don't pray or meditate or just sit quiet enough and I started smoking a few months ago when my stress level was unbearable. Good one, right?! I love trying to figure things out - I like asking questions, I love plants and big oak trees.
Quote"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet"
Ideal MatePeaceful, Natural, Down to Earth, Easy Going, Smart, Creative, Silly You
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