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Living-Foods: Personals: Distance Running Eagle

Id Number004667
Date PostedDec 21, 2005
NameDistance Running Eagle
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
DescriptionI slept inside a black hole for 24,000 years and woke up about 4 years ago. My goal is to live in the wilderness full time as a raw foodist who does not eat roots or animals and makes clothes from wild plants. I am very different from many people and I am attracted to men and women, though that does not matter-- the person does. I have an athletic figure, though not overly muscular. I don't drink alcohol or smoke. I plan to travel across the world on foot only eating wild foods one day and healing people and setting animals free. I am an Aquarius.
HobbiesI travel a lot and play music and the only place I call home is in the wilderness. I love learning about wild plants, mushrooms, and trees and their nutritional and medicinal uses. I play sitar and guitar and sing and live a dedicated life. I love to love.
GoalsVery big.
Quote"I find no strength in reason while this malice is obscured, because malice now is leaded by God's word, through which a forked toungue ever spoke, and when was spoke was bent and broke and now when shining, now it shines a different hue. And so I sit atop the lonely living ruins of Babylon and I'm searching for a soul of smiles pure, but she's stuck inside my head and trampled on while no one is living by "what if it were". So, I close one eye and stare the other at the sun, projecting light upon my closed one. There I see her stuck inside my head, lying dormant but not dead. Open my eyes, opening heads, and She says, "Tear every fence down. Resew every single seed. We'll live it just like We all dream of with the innocence of Eve. Come, ye, back unto your Eden." Distance Running Eagle through the eyes of a squirrel
Ideal MateIf you read the description of myself, I look for people with similar goals. I know where I am going in life and if anybody has any questions about why I do what I do just ask. I would love to meet a girl and a boy someday, though that is not crucial. I just want a soulmate. Someone who shares a path I have so we can help each other there. I am self-sufficiant financially if that is a worry.
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