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Id Number004631
Date PostedNov 9, 2005
LocationThe Burg, PA, US
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
Description i believe that each one of us wants / needs the same basic things. i believe in life and love, joy and peace as angels, along with wisdom, power, air, water, sunshine, heaven, earth, and work - all angels to be communed with and commanded. i am attractive. i do not ask questions or volunteer information (as a rule of thumb). i do not make promises or lie. i am light, sensitive, subtle, devoted, free, pure and true. i thrive in compassionate sex and nutrition. i am un-attached to changes inside, outside and in between. i am fluid and spontaneous. i believe in the unity and separateness of matter, energy, time and space. i like travelling (physically and psychically) and being relaxed. i like to actualize the moment, for what it's worth. i like to encourage enlightenment in myself and others. i am drug, alcohol, and smoke free. favorite foods...fruit, leaves, nuts, sprouts, cacao, durian... raw honey. :P
Hobbiesbreathing (hehe), posturing and attituding... laughter~! i cherish raw food and raw women... raw relationships. i sun gaze and do some yoga. i am into novelty and experience, travel... climbing trees and rocks, swimming natural bodies of water... walking the rest... i find joy in communication and communion, earth, heaven and humanity.
Goalsto be here, now and again, eternally life/love in tropics or sub-tropics remove dependency on money- pick fresh food every day.
Quote"We are partners by fate. We become friends by choice." ~ Jacquie McTaggart
Ideal Matemy ideal mate - it's hard to know what's ideal; a woman who is awake, gentle. into raw foods, juicing and fasting. elemental is nice, so is the drive for exquisite intimacy. attractive and basic sensual enjoyment are plusses. i feel a woman who is somewhere in between the real, the ideal and the fantastic. natural beauty, confident and at ease. zen and tantric awareness. it's difficult to pin point exactly what lets two inidividuals hit it off right.
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