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Living-Foods: Personals: Shining Woman

Id Number004556
Date PostedAug 25, 2005
NameShining Woman
LocationWest Los Angeles, CA, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
HairDark Blonde
EyesHazel Green
OccupationHolistic Bodywork
DescriptionI see everything as spiritual in a Taoist sort of way, and I feel that having similar world views (views of how we are related to the universe and each other) is foundational to a partner relationship. ***** At this point, I feel that every moment (waking and sleeping) is part of a spiritual practice, and I am most aware I am practicing when awaking, remembering dreams, doing morning rituals and meditations, doing Qigong or Tai Chi or Yoga or Continuum movement, preparing food, giving healing sessions (Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Polarity Energy Balancing), dancing (Contact Improv, barefoot freestyle, sacred dance), chanting (Sanskrit and Gurmukhi), drumming, cleaning the litterbox, doing laundry, doing candle maintenance, breathing, listening, seeing, feeling, and more breathing, and more dancing. ***** Iím generally interested in anything that develops my energy body and raises my vibration and my consciousness. I have a goal of ďwaking upĒ and deeply desire to understand how the universe works. I have seen many things not part of ordinary reality, and love to touch those places, as they so strongly anchor my experience of the divinity of all things. I also love to touch deeply within myself, as that so strongly anchors my knowingness of my own divinity. Oh, itís the same place! Iíll meet you there.... I am extremely intelligent, and this is both a blessing and a curse (monkeymind doesnít even begin to describe my mental activity while attempting Zen meditation). I therefore do better with practices that take up more mental bandwidth, such as Vipassana and various moving meditations. ***** My diet is about 90% raw, including some raw flesh and dairy. This makes it a little hard to take me out to dinner, but sushi works, and I will cross the line for good Thai food.
HobbiesMy most favorite fun thing to do is Contact Improv dance. Rather than just dancing on the floor, you're also dancing on your partner's body, sharing weight, balancing, supporting, lifting, rolling up and down and over each other, PLAYING! Itís creative, it's spontaneous, it's a meditation, it's improvised in the moment, itís a full-body workout, itís intimate, itís a fabulous energy exchange, itís totally yummy on lots of levels! ***** Another favorite fun thing to do is exchange hours of delicious blissful bodywork! I would love to meet someone who can give a really good massage, or is willing to learn. ***** I also enjoy day hikes, bodysurfing and boogie-boarding, watching sunsets, and I really do hug trees. ***** I used to spend hours reading and discussing Ė- now I try to balance with doing and experiencing.
GoalsLiving in an intentional community on a tropical island, eating durian and mangoes, doing bodywork in the shade by day and dancing on the beach by night.
QuoteQuotes from other people: "All that is essential is invisible to the eye." -- Antoine de St. Exupery "My fashion taste is based on what doesn't itch." -- Gilda Radnor
Ideal MateI desire a deep connection on every chakra level Ė- a touching of souls Ė- true chemistry! I value being exquisitely present in the moment Ė- present to the subtleties of verbal and nonverbal communication, aware of the nuances of energetic shifts in our auric fields, and able to hold space for and communicate about those experiences in the moment, with quick resolution to issues as they arise. That level of resonant connection is a turn-on! ***** I seek to partner with someone who is on a spiritual path compatible with mine, holds a similar world view (doesn't think I'm crazy for believing in reincarnation or talking with spirit guides), and can feel and work with energy as a result of some practice such as Kundalini yoga or Qigong. This last is important to me because I am extremely sensitive energetically, and I need my partner to be able to touch me that way, or be willing to learn. ***** Are you a yogi, a shaman, a daka, a practitioner of the healing arts? Letís dance! ***** I prefer air or fire body type.
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